mvc-006f.jpgCAMP SHADOW PINES was founded by the late philanthropist, Grant Malouf. It is a not for profit (501 C-3) corporation operated by Concern, Inc. Mr. Malouf was very active in many Christian activities and dreamed of a ministry through which he might serve the Lord. He loved children and had a special heart for the handicapped and disadvantaged. After years of planning and searching he was finally able to lease a 50 acre site from the U.S. Forest Service. The long abandoned property had formerly been used as a job corps center.

Malouf and his family set about the awesome task of restoring the property and remodeling the buildings. The facility was finally opened in 1982. His vision of seeing hundreds of happy children laughing and playing was finally realized. Only four years later, in 1986, Grant Malouf passed away. His family, who now had the same vision, picked up the torch and carried on. Over the years, the camp has constantly been improved, expanded, and has tripled in capacity. The facility is now 100% accessible by wheelchairs. Over 7,000 persons attend Camp Shadow Pines annually.

Future plans include additional dormitories, meeting rooms, an amphitheater, and a large campground area with showers/bathrooms and kitchen. Camp Shadow Pines is committed to being the faithful steward of the land and facilities our lease agreement allows us to use. In cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service, we assist in preserving the trees, aid the U.S. Game and Fish with wild life protection, work with local ranchers to insure water access, repair roads and trails, and much more.

Many of the staff members at Shadow Pines have faithfully served our guests for over twenty years. They are noted for “going the extra mile” to assure every camper has a wonderful Mountain Top experience. The entire staff is dedicated to meet all your needs and make your experience truly memorable.